Can E cigarettes really help you quit?

e cigaretteThe existence of an e cigarette in the market can provide benefits to some smokers.

However, there are different issues about them and tobacco smokers. Many people continue to ask whether an e cigarette can actually help quit smoking. The answers may vary to certain individuals since the studies conducted are still lacking.

Most of the cigarette smokers out there find it hard to quit their smoking habits. But there are some people who try their very best to stop smoking or at least lessen every stick they consume. Others do believe that using an e cigarette helps them quit smoking. The fans of e cigarettes state that they are better options than the tobacco cigarettes. This is because they make use of vapor to deliver the nicotine to body and not in the form of smoke. However, the proponents of e cigarette say that they experience easier breathing and less coughing compared to a common cigarette. They usually enjoy the absence of stained teeth and smoky odors.

An e cigarette provides various actions and sensations of the regular smoking of tobacco cigarette. The nicotine cartridges come in a tobacco flavor to closely imitate the experience of real tobacco smoke. However, some of the consumers opt for some other flavors like mint or chocolate. Some users of e cigarettes continue to use tobacco cigarettes but majority usually switch over completely. Other cigarette smokers take up e cigarettes with an assumption it is worth the risk since the negative effects of a regular cigarette is well known. But generally, these people do not have their own proof and confirmation if these devices are really effective in preventing them to smoke.

For some people e cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking and give up the pleasure receive from it. For the first time users, they experience sudden change for just couple of hours and days and they discovered that they are getting used to smoke with an electronic cigarette. They also said that it is good alternatives than bubble gums, pills, patches, and lozenges. They also confirmed that by the time they started using e cigarette, they just cough slightly and has no irritation when breathing.

In addition, some e cigarette smokers still advice to consider some important points before purchasing one of them. You must conduct a research since there are actually suspected health risks this device can provide. Try to educate yourself first and make a good decision. Consult a medical expert especially when you have some health issues.

The e cigarettes are not so easy to smoke unlike the regular tobacco cigarette. You have to discover the right vapor amount for your taste. Most of the electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke easily. Whether you prefer an e cigarette or a tobacco cigarette, you still have to identify its negative effect and give your best to quit smoking slowly. Remember that an e cigarette is not yet proven to be effective in helping you to forget about smoking.

E Cigarette Safety and You

 e cig safetySince there are a lot of people who need information on e-cigarettes safety, we are going to write a little bit about this interesting topic. We will start by writing about nicotine, possible dangerous effects, and then will continue with some of other issues and what the FDA has to say.

Nicotine is Addictive

The nicotine that is found inside the e-cigs cartridges is really additive, which means that you may suffer from depression, irritability, anxiousness and restlessness. If you have some heart problems, you should avoid e-cigs, and they may even harm your arteries as time passes by. However, the evidence suggests that e-cigs are safer than their tobacco counterparts. Since e-cigs do not burn, no smoke will harm you, which is the case of tobacco cigarettes.

Less Dangerous Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Studies also suggest that the level of harmful chemicals found in e-cigs is just a fraction of what researchers have found in real tobacco cigarettes. But the amount of chemicals inside e-cigs may vary. However, little is known about long-term use of e-cigs or the effects that can be brought about by secondhand exposure.

Since e-cigs use lithium batteries, you will not worry about misplacing your e-cigs to avoid setting fire to your home. There is no odor, carbon monoxide, smoke or burnt tobacco involved in using e-cigs which make them rather safer than tobacco cigarettes for most of us.

Other Issues

Nicotine can affect the development of the brains in teens and children. If you are really trying to quit smoking, FDA-approved techniques such as nicotine gum and patch are better than e-cigs. The reason is that there is not enough evidence that e-cigs are effective at quitting smoking. In addition, you need to talk with your doctor if you plan on switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

We Really Do Not Know

People do not really know the potential side effects of e-cigs, or the amount of nicotine and other harmful chemicals they inhale with e-cigs, or whether there may be some benefits by using these products, according to the FDA.

We have talked about some of the safety features of e-cigs, but people really do not know much about this situation. There is no enough scientific evidence that allows us to say that e-cigs are really safe for us. However, the FDA is working hard to determine the level of risks and dangers associated with these products that are sold in the market.

Difference Between E Cigarettes And Traditional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have a lithium-ion battery that heats up an atomizer to deliver liquid nicotine in form of water vapour. The popularity of this type of cigarettes is on the rise because you like many other people see it as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are manufactured to provide you the opportunity to enjoy their daily dose of nicotine without having to expose themselves to all the harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes.


The initial cost of purchasing an e-cigarette for you is higher than that of a regular cigarette. Owning an e-cigarette involves purchasing lithium-ion batteries, the cigarette and recharging devices. These items make the price of e-cigarettes way higher than that of traditional cigarettes. However, the continued use of electronic cigarettes is much lower. To reduce your expenses of using an electronic cigarette, undertake proper maintenance of its battery. This ensures that the user does not have to purchase new batteries regularly.


Electronic cigarettes use special form of liquid with four primary chemicals:

– Nicotine

– Glycol

– Vegetable Glycerine

– Flavoring

This is nothing compared with the traditional cigarette’s 4000 plus chemicals. In addition, the nicotine in electronic cigarettes can be delivered in multiple doses and users have the freedom to choose which type of nicotine to use depending on their needs. E-cigarettes have various flavor options including vanilla, chocolate and menthol among many others for you to enjoy.

Electronic cigarettes allow you to use the amount of nicotine that your body needs while avoiding the 4000 plus chemicals found in regular cigarettes.


Regular cigarettes use heat to convert tobacco into inhalable smoke. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries connected to atomizers that convert the e-liquid into inhalable vapor. People who smoke electronic cigarettes do not have to carry lighters with them nor do they need ashtrays for residues. The lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable.

Secondary Effects

Electronic cigarettes are odorless and do not leave stains on the your fingernails or teeth. Traditional cigarettes cause all these effects with normal use. In addition, electronic cigarettes do not have cancer-causing agents. Electronic cigarette smokers do not produce second-hand smoke unlike traditional cigarette smokers. Moreover, e-cigarettes have a milder scent than regular cigarettes.

As you may know , electronic cigarettes have been around for a few years now. Today, electronic cigarette manufacturers create more user-friendly smoking devices than before. Today’s electronic cigarettes look pretty much like regular cigarettes.

Many people view e cigarettes as a healthier smoking option. The cigarettes are cheaper and environmentally friendly. As this awareness grows, so will the market. E-cigarettes have great potential to be as popular as regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco. Many countries do not have laws regulating the use of electronic cigarettes. Such countries may have laws regulating tobacco use but since electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco, the laws do not apply. For such countries, e-cigarettes can be sold without proof of age. This is more evident online.

Manufacturers of e cigarettes work so hard to ensure they do not market their products to kids. However, e-cigarettes come in a wide selection of flavours that may appeal to kids. It is easier for young people below the age of majority to purchase electronic cigarettes online than regular cigarettes.

The reason why there is little or no legislation on electronic cigarettes is that they are a relatively new invention compared to regular cigarettes. Manufacturers of electronic cigarettes undertake aggressive campaigns to showcase their products.

The picture people have formed in their minds about e-cigarettes is that they do not present any health risks nor produce second hand smoke. In general, e-cigarettes have not been tested adequately. This is one of the reasons why many countries have not enforced regulations on the use of e-cigarettes.

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Why Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

Health professionals agree: quit smoking. Yet, some enterprising individuals have created a product that suggests it is less dangerous than smoking traditional tobacco. Instead of the “old-fashioned cigarette,” people are choosing to buy electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette was created in 2007 and has become very popular. Making are choosing to buy electronic cigarettes, partly as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but also as a new fashion statement.

Some suggest that e-cigarettes are helping smokers kick the habit. Popularity has soared in the few years it has been on the market, with even non-smokers choosing to buy electronic cigarettes.

Others venture that the e-cigarette is not a fad. Rather, in buying electronic cigarettes this product is incorporating its way into a new lifestyle and attitude on tobacco and smoking.

While people continue to buy electronic cigarettes, they may be unaware of a few facts about the e-cigarette. As a new product, there is still much to be known about this device. Studies continue to explore health effects, use by teenagers and children, and ease of quitting smoking with the e-cigarettes, as a suggested alternative to the nicotine patch. While these studies are ongoing, there are a few facts that can be established about the e-cigarette.

A substitute for traditional cigarettes
In early 2007 when the product was created, it was marketed as a replacement to the traditional cigarette. Back then, when someone would buy electronic cigarettes it was still close to traditional cigarettes. There was little difference and hardly anyone noticed.

Reduced burning
People now buy electronic cigarettes for the reduced burning effect. With the original version the burning effect was quite significant. Now, no match or lighter is required because nothing is being burned, with the device heating a cartridge of liquid nicotine to produce the smoke.

A safe alternative to traditional cigarettes?
So far, the product does not meet FDA regulations. Nobody can verify the safety of this device. Yet, people buy electronic cigarettes not knowing for sure if the product is safe. Some suggest that e-cigarettes replace cigarettes that burn tobacco, and thereby eliminate harmful smoke. Many questions remain to be answered on the product’s safety.

Nicotine variance
People buy electronic cigarettes, perhaps because it simulates and feels like the old-fashioned cigarette. Yet, the amount of nicotine supplies varies. At times, an e-cigarette could produce more nicotine that the regular tobacco cigarette.

Widely available
In 2007, at the introduction of the product people would buy electronic cigarettes from outlets that supplied imported products. Now, e-cigarettes are being made domestic companies and are sold online.
Exercise caution for children
Kids love chocolate and strawberry flavors which are often a key flavor traits of the nicotine cartridges. The bad part – kids can buy electronic cigarettes online. Its common sense that children should not be allowed this product.

More expensive than traditional cigarettes
The product is definitely not for those on a budget. Those who buy electronic cigarettes can expect to pay $60-$150 for a starter kit, and about $10 for a pack of replacement cartridges.

Is it really second hand smoke?
It is commonly agreed that traditional cigarettes produce second hand smoke. Some individuals who buy electronic cigarettes maintain that the vapor from e-cigarettes is only water vapor. Others, say that the vapor from e-cigarettes is irritating and leads to sickness. The fact remains: whether smoking a traditional cigarette or an e-cigarette, the smoker should be considerate of the non-smoker, and second-hand smoke, whatever the form.

Rechargeable batteries
It is possible to save significant money with rechargeable batteries. For those who buy electronic cigarettes battery use and battery life is an issue. Over time, however, rechargeable batteries needs to be replaced, as they lose their effectiveness.

Banned in some countries
Like traditional cigarette smoking, in some countries the e-cigarettes is banned in public places. But people buy electronic cigarettes online with increasing popularity in areas where they are permitted.

Regardless of the known and unknown, people buy electronic cigarettes. Numerous online retailers sell the product for those wanting an alternative to the traditional cigarette. By all indications electronic cigarettes are continuing to be popular, as sales continue to grow for this product.

This article was written by John Miller, who likes to buy electronic cigarettes, for the simple joy of vaping.

E Smoke vs Tobacco no contest

 e smokeE smoke beats tobacco hands down.

Cigarette smoking has been said to be the leading “preventable cause” of death in the U.S. Because of the unquestionable risks to health, millions of people who smoke try many methods to help them quit, often without success. Within the last few years, an alternative to traditional smoking has arrived on the market in the form of battery-powered Electronic Cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, e-cigs, smokeless cigarettes or e smoke.

While there is some question as to whether these e-cigs can actually help one quit smoking altogether, there is little doubt that for a number of reasons they are a healthier, cleaner and less expensive alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

Health Issues

Electronic Cigarettes are smokeless. They do deliver nicotine, but in a vaporized form rather than smoke. No tobacco is used so there is no tar or other harmful chemicals being delivered to the lungs. While nicotine itself does have some health risks, the amount of nicotine delivered can be chosen during purchase, allowing for reduction of nicotine over time.

Cleanliness Issues

Electronic Cigarettes are cleaner than tobacco products. A liquid nicotine solution is heated by the battery, producing a mist that the user puffs rather than smoke. Since there is nothing burning there are no ashes dropping, no ashtrays required, and no cigarette butts being tossed away. A side benefit to this is that e-cigs can be used anywhere, even in places where smoking is prohibited.

Environmental Issues

Just as E cigarettes do not put harmful tar and chemicals into the body, they also do not release harmful gasses into the atmosphere. They will not harm others with second-hand smoke, they will not pollute the atmosphere, and they are not a fire hazard.

Satisfaction Issues

E-cigs deliver an experience much like tobacco smoking. They are held like cigarettes, have a glowing tip, and users report no loss of pleasure from switching to their use. In fact, because they are available in many flavors, including the flavors of the most popular tobacco products, many users find them more satisfying.

Monetary Issues

The cost of E-cigs compared to tobacco cigarettes is much lower. While the actual cost will depend on choice of brand, flavor, type and other components included, the average savings over smoking an equivalent number of cigarettes is between 40% to 60%.

Given these many advantages over tobacco smoking, there is much to gain and nothing to lose by giving e smoke a try.