Can E cigarettes really help you quit?

e cigaretteThe existence of an e cigarette in the market can provide benefits to some smokers.

However, there are different issues about them and tobacco smokers. Many people continue to ask whether an e cigarette can actually help quit smoking. The answers may vary to certain individuals since the studies conducted are still lacking.

Most of the cigarette smokers out there find it hard to quit their smoking habits. But there are some people who try their very best to stop smoking or at least lessen every stick they consume. Others do believe that using an e cigarette helps them quit smoking. The fans of e cigarettes state that they are better options than the tobacco cigarettes. This is because they make use of vapor to deliver the nicotine to body and not in the form of smoke. However, the proponents of e cigarette say that they experience easier breathing and less coughing compared to a common cigarette. They usually enjoy the absence of stained teeth and smoky odors.

An e cigarette provides various actions and sensations of the regular smoking of tobacco cigarette. The nicotine cartridges come in a tobacco flavor to closely imitate the experience of real tobacco smoke. However, some of the consumers opt for some other flavors like mint or chocolate. Some users of e cigarettes continue to use tobacco cigarettes but majority usually switch over completely. Other cigarette smokers take up e cigarettes with an assumption it is worth the risk since the negative effects of a regular cigarette is well known. But generally, these people do not have their own proof and confirmation if these devices are really effective in preventing them to smoke.

For some people e cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking and give up the pleasure receive from it. For the first time users, they experience sudden change for just couple of hours and days and they discovered that they are getting used to smoke with an electronic cigarette. They also said that it is good alternatives than bubble gums, pills, patches, and lozenges. They also confirmed that by the time they started using e cigarette, they just cough slightly and has no irritation when breathing.

In addition, some e cigarette smokers still advice to consider some important points before purchasing one of them. You must conduct a research since there are actually suspected health risks this device can provide. Try to educate yourself first and make a good decision. Consult a medical expert especially when you have some health issues.

The e cigarettes are not so easy to smoke unlike the regular tobacco cigarette. You have to discover the right vapor amount for your taste. Most of the electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke easily. Whether you prefer an e cigarette or a tobacco cigarette, you still have to identify its negative effect and give your best to quit smoking slowly. Remember that an e cigarette is not yet proven to be effective in helping you to forget about smoking.

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    Can E cigarettes really help you quit? It’s a most genuine question and especially asked by those people who have recently started using E cigarettes, but it’s really up to one’s will power, but it’s true that electronic helps in quitting this habit because E cigarette has an option by which one can adjust the level of nicotine take with every puff.

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