Hookah Vs. The E Cigarette

hookahOne of the habits of people that can bring negative effects on their health is cigarette smoking.

A single cigarette contains substances that are potentially harmful to the system of the human body. Another critical effect that can happen when smoking a cigarette is the that fact not only the smoker will be the one to acquire harmful effects, but the people around him who get to inhale his smokes. This instance is known to be the second-hand smoke from which a person can acquire the harmful substances from a cigarette smoke even without doing the habit.

However, in order to combat this issue, there are several kinds of cigarette used as the alternative for the harmful ones. These alternatives include hookah and e cigarette or electronic cigarette. The hookah is a certain water pipe provided with a bowl, a smoke chamber, a hose and a pipe. In this kind of smoke, a specially produced tobacco is heated, from which the smoke produced passes through the water, and then drawn towards the rubber hose to the mouthpiece.

Even though some will suppose that smoking hookah is enjoyable and better than  average tobacco, it is, in fact, the other way around. Smoking cigarettes can be better than smoking hookah. Attainable in an extensive range of flavors, hookah allows smokers to make the inhalation of flavored tobacco through a  hose that is installed in a huge pipe made of glass. In order to use this hookah, you have to fill the pipe’s bottom with water that is made for smoke filtration. This may let a lot of individuals to think that smoking hookah could be safer than those traditional cigarettes, when, in fact, it is not.

When smoking  flavored tobacco on a hookah, most people more likely inhale a higher quantity of smoke as compared when they smoke cigarettes. This only means that their body is able to inhale more carbon monoxide, nicotine and other substances that are normally found from tobacco. Even though  flavored tobacco has a better taste than cigarettes, still it harms the health and human body in several different ways.

On the other hand, an e cigarette provides smokers the same satisfaction that they feel when they smoke real cigarettes. A good thing about this particular product is that even if it feels what you may feel from smoking a real cigarette, it does not cause almost as much risk to your body and health as cigarettes. An e cigarette unquestionably contains no tobacco, no ash, no tar, and no foul smell. With its use, you can surely tell that smoking does not feel any better than this. Nicotine and water vapor are utilized in order to provide similar sensation that is provided by smoking. Since nicotine is still not good for one’s health, these electronic cigarettes may be purchased in a range of various nicotine levels, which could assist user cut back gradually. These alternative cigarettes also provide a flavor, making them much better and more acceptable to the general public.


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2 Responses to “Hookah Vs. The E Cigarette”

  1. James says:

    I stumboled across this article while lookin for ehookah info on. This article is very wrong about the hookah. Hookah is in fact much less harmful than cigarettes. The tobacco is Baked by the coals of the hookah and never reaches the temperature necessary to vaporized the nicotine into smoke to be inhaled. 90 percent of hookah smoke is water vapor.

    The facts behind hookah being more dangerous than cigarettes came from the US Surgeon General when they incorrectly lit the hookah tobacco, shisha, on fire during their tests, as you would a cigarette. This is incorrect. Hookah is never lit on fire when smoked.

    Now it is definitely not “good for you” but smoking hookah is much less harmful than cigarettes.

    There are some good videos online that test and discredit the surgeon generals findings. You can Google hookah vs cigarettes and find them.

    This article is correct about the ecig

  2. martin says:

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