Is There An E Cigarette Without Nicotine

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A lot of people choose to switch to an e cigarette without nicotine for several beneficial reasons.

There are some who just like to replace their smoking experience with something that is as similar as possible with no combustion. Whereas others simply wish to lessen their dependence to nicotine, eventually utilizing an e cigarette without nicotine.

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You may find it hard to look for an e cigarette that does not contain any nicotine. However, you should not lose hope because there are actually some of them available in the market. Many people are choosing to switch to e cigarette for several beneficial reasons. And these reasons will greatly depend on the personal preferences of each individual. There are some who just like to replace their smoking experience with something that is as similar as possible with no combustion. Whatever your reason is, you are probably aware of the benefits offered by choosing to smoke e cigarettes.

If you wish to experience the most satisfying smoking experience without the utilization of nicotine, choosing the right form of e liquid could be your key. This is considerable because nicotine provides its own contribution from which there are several e liquid that won’t really function without its presence.

Just about every e cig company has its own favorable features. The main reason why e cig has become so efficient as an alternative to cessation products is because of the provided nicotine. This form of cigarette can function with or without the presence of nicotine. However, the quality of smoking may become greatly affected if you choose to smoke a cigarette that does not contain nicotine. But then, if you really wish to quit smoking, it should be a better idea if you will go for it instead. In this case, you might be included in the success stories of those people who have already quit their smoking habits. There are a number of stories all over the internet from which people have started using nicotine cartridges and gradually decreased their use of nicotine level down to zero. This is true not only to hundreds, yet thousands of people worldwide. Indeed, you might feel surprised of the outcomes once you decide to switch.

Flavor and throat hit are two of the major factors that greatly affect the quality of e cig smoking, aside from the smoker’s addiction satisfaction.  Usually, an e cigarette may contain 99% of pure nicotine, which definitely gives the satisfactory feel to the smoking experience. Its taste is the blend of sensation, smell and flavor. On its own, nicotine may taste quite peppery. Throat hit is considered as the most significant factors provided by nicotine to e cigarettes. The hit pertains to the sensation produced by nicotine in one’s lungs and throat. It is one of the main differences between e cigarettes and other kinds of nicotine supplements.

Switching to the use of an e cigarette without nicotine may mean that you will lose its throat hit satisfaction and its peppery complexity, which is brought by the flavoring of nicotine. With the many selections of e liquids removed with nicotine, the resulting effect is somewhat unpleasant. Some of them are even covered with filthy chemical flavors in several high quality e-liquids.

Therefore, depending on your personal preferences, looking at the details mentioned above you can decide whether you want to use an e cigarette with or without the presence of nicotine.


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  3. Ecig 411 says:

    Being a two pack a day smoker for 40 years, I didn’t believe I would ever have the ability to quit the killers! But I’m pleased to say I’ve been off cigs for 19 months now, due to ecigs! Not 1 puff of a cigarette within this time! Yay ecigs, must not be banned as they work for a lot of. It truly is about harm reduction. So long as their are ecigs, I’ll not be a cig smoker, who pollutes and destroys her lungs with 4000 plus toxic chemicals!!?

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