What Is E Liquid

e liquid“E-liquid” is probably one of the unfamiliar words that you may encounter when you start to learn about electronic cigarettes, along with the terminologies surrounding them.

E-liquid has been among the newest sensational products that can be found in the market. If you are just starting to discover that there is actually something that you can use to replace your harmful tobacco smoking, e liquid will certainly be the first thing that you will be presented of. As you may have already supposed, e-liquid is one type of liquid that is flavored with nicotine vaporized by the electronic  cigarette. But, it is only the most fundamental definition of e-liquid and you still have a lot to know about how this can affect your experience in electronic smoking.

You should be more than aware that the  liquid that you place in such a cigarette is even more important to the quality of smoking experience you acquire. If you want to know more things regarding e liquid, you may then learn about the basics about it as well as some other factors surrounding it.

How Does E Liquid Work

The vapor that is produced within an e cigarette utilizes a nicotine-based liquid that is commonly known as E liquid. This liquid is being heated by an atomizer in order to provide the taste, sensation and the favorable feeling of smoking. You can use the finest e cigarette available in the world, yet you can never enjoy it with the use of a high quality e liquid. E liquid may vary in consistency, flavor, nicotine concentration and throat hit. E liquid may consist of artificial and organic flavors, nicotine together with carrier liquid which will vaporize the moment heat has been applied. E liquid is extremely a simple product, yet the marketplace offers a broad variety because small variations in the number of basic ingredients.

The flavor of e liquid may vary based on where it originates, the components utilized to create the liquid, and the added flavorings. The naturally derived nicotine that is manufactured from natural plant sources are often safer to utilize and taste better than the synthetic nicotine. Usually, natural flavorings from concentrations of flavor are added to the e-liquid in order to provide its unique flavors. Oftentimes, the flavors are the same flavorings that are used to put flavors on candies and food.

You can use e liquid giving you two different carriers. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are the the two carriers that are normally used for e liquid. There are electronic smokers who usually start with purchasing refill cartridges that have been prefilled with e liquid. But sooner or later, they realized that it is a wise move to buy them each bottle since this will be able to help them in saving more money.

The E Liquid Carriers

An e-liquid that consists nothing but nicotine and flavors will become extremely thick and very harmful for human usage. The two liquid carriers (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) are used for dilution of the product to the strength required. In addition to this, they also vaporize at somewhat low temperatures from which it hold fairly mild tastes to produce flavor coloring greatly.

Vegetable Glycerin

Also termed as glycerol, glycerin is the organic compound for hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. This compound makes the chemical formula C3H3O3. The compound is industrially produced, often as the result of soap products, from fats and oils. This could be produced from fat of animals, or in vegetable glycerin from vegetable oil. The source of its organic material doesn’t affect the final product’s chemistry. However, since this compound is extensively used in medications and foods, its distinction is essential for vegetarians. Now, this compound has also been used as a carrier of the e liquid, which is used to let e cigarettes work. PG is significantly thinner and quite improbable to create the so-called “dry puffs” for some e cigarette designs. Aside from this, it is also capable to make flavors reproduction in a correct way.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a colorless, syrupy, clear liquid, which is tasteless and odorless. This synthetic liquid is completely water soluble and could absorb moisture. The liquid may comes from sources of petrochemicals. This compound is also used within the cosmetic, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. As a highly versatile substance, this liquid holds a number of uses. Presently, its most compelling use involves its utilization as a carrier of e liquid.  In opposition to PG, VG is a bit thicker, which enables it to create thick vapor clouds. But then, this has to be very thick so as to function appropriately through e cigarettes. This also lends a slightly sweet flavor. A particular e liquid could contain a single carrier or perhaps a mix of two.

Formulation of the E Liquid

The E liquid is diluted using pure VG or PG producing a secure concentration of 18 mg up to 24 mg in each milliliter of the liquid. A usual full-flavored analog cigarette may contain around 18 mg of nicotine. The desired concentration of nicotine may vary from person to person. However, a typical normal variety for the majority of smokers could be around 18 mg. While the nicotine concentration increases, its throat hit will also increase substantially. Usually, 0 mg e liquid may feel more like the inhalation of warm-flavored air, while 24 mg might be more appropriate or extreme or experienced vapors.

Each nicotine concentration is distinctive for every individuals in accordance to the level of their tolerance. This may also get affected by how long they have been smoking, and the type of tobacco they’ve smoked. Normally, it is suggested that starting vapors may start with 18 mg in order to identify their tolerance for a couple of weeks. This will then gradually increase or decrease the strength based on how and what they feel. It is suggested that the liquid concentration is decreased around 4 mg each 3 to 4 weeks having the purpose to reach ultimately 0 mg. This will slowly ease the body’s dependence off nicotine.

Getting yourself rid of smoking addiction is essential these days. That is why you probably want to look at the opportunities offered by e cigarettes. Always keep these things in mind when planning to purchase and use an e liquid because it may assist you all the way.


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